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Wedding Bouquet

Wedding Therapy

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As a wedding therapist, I offer a unique approach to help individuals and couples navigate the stress of wedding planning. Using the principles of Acceptance and Commitment therapy and self-compassion, we can work together to reconnect with the joy of the experience. Let's work together towards a happier and more fulfilling wedding journey.

Individual and group therapy options available.

*New Group Starting Soon*

Navigating Your Nuptials:

A Support and Skills Group for Nearlyweds.


Feeling overwhelmed about your wedding? Are your family and friends becoming sources of tension instead of sources of support? Are your finances stressing you out? You’re not alone.


Join my therapy group designed to help you feel confident and calm while navigating the complex ups and downs leading up to your big day. Learn skills to reduce tension, boost joy, set boundaries with friends and family, and hear from peers going through it too. 


When: Weekly meetings on Tuesdays at 12pm ET starting September 10 (If it's after September 10, there may still be options to join)

Who: Adult (18+) residents of NY and PSYPACT states who are considering marriage, engaged, or in the wedding planning process

Where: Online

Cost: $65 per session with superbills provided.

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